News Dump: The NRA, the UN, Voter Fraud and Exoplanets

Some things that I read about today:

  • The UN has said that Israel must withdraw all of its settlements from the West Bank or face the International Criminal Court.
  • A former RIAA executive, responsible for their litigation heavy policies is now #2 at the US Copyright Office.
  • The sabre rattling between Syria and Israel is getting intense.
  • Mother Jones has debunked some of the NRA’s favorite gun “facts”.
  • The NRA of 2013 is having an argument with the NRA of 1999.
  • The Alberta Tories apparently took a whole lot of illegal donations.
  • Scientific American has a great map showing global water risks (flood and drought)
  • British Banks are in trouble again.
  • A US anti-voter fraud activist has been arrested for voter fraud.
  • The US Cancer death rate is down 20% since 1991.
  • An architecture student has designed a drone proof city.
  • Rush Limbaugh says Cubans, unlike Mexicans, are hard workers.
  • A Missouri high school has instituted mandatory hair-follicle drug testing.
  • We may soon be able to create detailed maps of distant exoplanets. 
  • Chances are that no one will ask secretary of defense nominee Chuch Hegel about that orphanage in Vietnam.

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