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Free Searchable Archive of 350,000 News Broadcasts

As an internet user, Archive.org is your friend. The free archive of materials currently contains nearly 1 million movies, more than 130,000 live concert recordings, almost 1.4 million other recordings and 3.6 million texts, all of which are free to download and share – without any fear of being sued or harassed. Now the service has become even more valuable with the addition of 350,000 news broadcasts, collected over the last 3 years and updated daily. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t go back farther than 2010, but what do you want for nothing?

The full statement can be found on the Archive.org blog or you can skip all of that and just start searching now.

On Edit: I also highly recommend NowRelevant.com a search service which only goes back two weeks, so that you can get only relatively new articles and information on a topic you are researching, without having to wade through older, outdated and irrelevant links.