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Trial of Butler Sheds Interesting Light on Papal Priorities

Anyone remember the Catholic child sex abuse scandals? It seemed to involve hundreds of priests and church officials and thousands of children worldwide. For many years the response of the Vatican, and other branches of the Church was to sweep it under the rug; to hide the problem and, when necessary, move the offending priest or official to a new job. There was counseling, in some cases, but the perpetrators were always forgiven and never charged with crimes (not by the Church at any rate).

Compare that to the case of Paolo Gabriele, the Pope’s former butler, who is currently on trail and facing up to four years in prison. His crime? Stealing documents from the Pope. The documents exposed infighting and corruption within the Vatican and were a general embarassment to Pope Benedict. For his part, Gabriele still considers himself a devout Catholic and says he leaked the documents “because he wanted to expose the “evil and corruption” in the church to help put it back on the right path.

So, if you abuse or assault children, the Church will forgive your human frailty and look the other way, but if you embarrass the Pope you can expect arrest, trial, torture (reportedly) and imprisonment. It’s good to know that an organization that considers itself, essentially, God’s representatives on Earth, has its priorities straight.