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Don’t Blink: Residential Schools, Carbon Emissions, Pussy Riot and Solar Sails

First I tried the Don’t Blink thing a few times a week, then changed it to News Dump. I’m told though that Don’t Blink is a better title. It describes the rapidity at which information comes at people. The goal, as always, is to provide a bunch of news in a short amount of space. So, I’m switching back to the Don’t Blink title but will do my best to keep them short and frequent.

So, some stories that caught my attention today:

  • The Canadian government has been ordered to turn over millions of documents related to residential schools.
  • US Carbon emissions have fallen to their lowest levels in almost two decades
  • Israeli warplanes flew over Lebanon today, signaling an increased likelihood of a conflict between Israel and Syria.
  • Australia has informed Japanese whalers that they are no longer welcome in Australian waters.
  • Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot has been hospitalized at her Russian prison colony. French actor Gérard Depardieu says he doesn’t give a crap as long as it lowers his taxes.
  • Permanent structures on the moon may be created using 3D printing.
  • Japanese researchers have captured video of a thought forming in an animal brain.
  • and NASA is preparing to launch the largest solar sail ever, possibly as early as 2014.