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Why Is US Federal Government Trying to Create Terrorists?

An article in Rolling Stone documents the efforts of US federal law enforcement to turn Occupy protesters into terrorists. Is it an attempt to discredit the Occupy movement or are they just trying to justify exorbitant anti-terror budgets?

Read the full article at RolllingStone.com:

“The government has a responsibility to prevent harm,” says former FBI counterterrorism agent Michael German, now the senior policy counsel for the ACLU. “What they’re doing instead is manufacturing threatening events.”

That’s just how it went down in Cleveland, where the defendants started out as disoriented young men wrestling with alienation, identity issues and your typical bucket of adolescent angst. They were malleable, ripe for some outside influence to coax them onto a new path. That catalyst could have come in the form of a friend, a family member or a cause. Instead, the government sent an informant.

And not just any informant, but a smooth-talking ex-con – an incorrigible lawbreaker who racked up even more criminal charges while on the federal payroll.”